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“There aren't many destinations like the Flathead Valley left in this country. As $100 green fees and overcrowded courses become the status quo, the high-quality golf and tranquil environment of northwest Montana endure as one of the most enjoyable bargains.”Greg MidlandAssociate Editor, GOLF Magazine

Golf Courses In The Flathead Valley

Golf Digest named the Flathead Valley a top 50 golf course destination. With nine championship golf courses, all within a forty-five minute drive, Golf Digest’s declaration surprises no one familiar with the outstanding quality and affordability of the valley’s golf courses, but golf is not the only remarkable offering of the Flathead. In fact, visiting the Flathead, golfers will find outdoor and cultural opportunities a distraction while playing its world class courses. Located in northwestern Montana, the Flathead Valley is a recreationist's dream.

Travel To Northwest Montana

Arriving in the Flathead by air, car or rail, the excitement becomes palpable just viewing the scenery on route. Air travelers coming into Glacier International Airport notice towering snowcapped mountains surrounding a wide open mountain valley that serves as the west entry to the splendor of Glacier National Park, and the valley harbors Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States. Traveling via the scenic state highways or on Amtrak, you will see lush forests, clear streams and rivers, open meadows, abundant wildlife, and mountain vistas that are an unavoidable distraction. Small town hospitality and an escape from life’s demands greet you at your destination.

Recreational Playground

Golfing, horseback riding, sailing or boating, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, rafting, mountain climbing are available at every turn in the Flathead...no matter your interests, you will find it. A tour of our national treasure, Glacier National Park is an absolute must, and you will not regret a drive or boat ride around Flathead Lake. You might get pleasure from exploring the wilds and viewing the wildlife, or perhaps you would prefer the delight of exploring the unique shops, galleries, and museums. Every Flathead town has outstanding culinary experiences, making a restaurant tour enjoyable. Nightlife offers theaters, concerts, clubs, and comedy shows. Come learn what residents of the Flathead Valley already know, the valley has something for everyone. With the diversity of available activities, a visit to the Flathead will challenge even the most avid golfer’s priorities. Luckily, with Flathead’s northern latitude, sixteen hours of summer daylight are responsible for the most beautiful weather available anywhere, giving you copious time to experience everything. Given the marvelous diversity of Flathead’s numerous golf opportunities, it is understandable if you chose to golf from sunrise to sunset. However, you may opt to visit a different layout every day, and then follow your round with a little bit of that “something for everyone”. Come experience this golf destination for yourself.